Why Jyve?

Screen Artists

Listen to professional music artists directly in the app and book them right on Jyve. Queue up as many artists as you want then walk away. Jyve will take care of the rest.

All-in-one Calendar

No more updating calendars. Your calendar dashboard is automatically synchronized when an artist accepts your gig on Jyve and it’s added to their calendar too.

No More Miscommunication

Manage all of you music booking in a single place. No managing spreadsheets. No double bookings. No hassle.

Engaging Notificaitons

Push Notifications keep you and musicians updated on gig requests, messages, and confirmed gigs.

Promote Your Gigs

All gigs booked on Jyve are automatically promoted to fans on the in-app local live gig feed.

Stress Less

No longer do you have to worry about finding live music. Focus on growing your business.

"I booked 16 gigs in 15 minutes. You can have someone within 10 minutes of opening up and signing up."
Ryan Cunningham
492 Manager

"It's just a one stop-shop for everyone... At the beginning of the year, we are 100% Jyve Booked."

David Platte, GM JohnKing